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En Español: El Humo del Tabaco Ambiental y los Niños

El humo de segunda mano es una combinación del que brota de un cigarrillo ardiendo y el humo que exhala un fumador. También llamado Humo de Tabaco Ambiental (HTA), es fácilmente reconocido por su olor distintivo, el HTA contamina el aire y es retenido en la ropa, cortinas y muebles. Mucha gente encuentra que el […]

Secondhand Smoke

Access to quality healthcare for children is forwarded by the availability of good healthcare information. With this year’s release of a new surgeon general’s report on secondhand smoke, the following information should be shared with patients. New Warning on Secondhand Smoke In July 2006, the Surgeon General released evidence supporting the fact that secondhand smoke, […]

Are We Through with Chew Yet?

As many as 20 percent of high school boys and two percent of high school girls continue to use smokeless tobacco, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite public education campaigns sponsored by medical societies, organized baseball, and individuals, 12 to 14 million American users, one third are under age 21, and […]

Smell and Taste

Problems with these senses have a big impact on our lives. Smell and taste contribute to our enjoyment of life by stimulating a desire to eat – which not only nourishes our bodies, but also enhances our social activities. When smell and taste become impaired, we eat poorly, socialize less and feel worse. Smell and […]

Salivary Glands

Where are your salivary glands? The glands are found in and around your mouth and throat. We call the major salivary glands the parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands. They all secrete saliva into your mouth, the parotid through tubes that drain saliva, called salivary ducts, near your upper teeth, submandibular under your tongue, and the […]

Your Nose, the Guardian of Your Lungs

You might not think your nose is a vital organ, but indeed it is! To understand its importance, all that most people need to experience is a bad cold. Nasal congestion and a runny nose have a noticeable effect on quality of life, energy level, ability to breathe, ability to sleep and ability to function […]

Tips for Sinus Sufferers

Symptoms of Sinusitis: symptoms of upper respiratory infection lasting ten days or more facial pressure or pain nasal discharge that is yellow or green post-nasal drip cough At-Home Treatments for Sinusitis: saline nasal sprays that moisturize the nasal cavity, reduce dryness and help clear thick or crusty mucus humidification (moisturizing the air) of living spaces […]

Better Ear Health

Better Ear Health Many medical conditions, such as those listed below, can affect your hearing health. Treatment of these and other hearing losses can often lead to improved or restored hearing. If left undiagnosed and untreated, some conditions can lead to irreversible hearing impairment or deafness. If you suspect that you or your loved one […]