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ENT Professional Services, PC along with ENT Hearing Aids, LLC offers a full range of audiology services, from hearing testing (audiometry) to more extensive evaluations (OAE and Tympanometry). Our audiology department can evaluate and recommend the best course of treatment for all hearing problems. Our on-site hearing aid dispensing service is a convenient way to take care of your complete hearing healthcare, all in one place, under the direction of specialized clinicians.

Christin Pickart Oto TechOur audiology department’s purpose is to evaluate and counsel individuals and their family regarding their hearing healthcare.  Our Audiologists are certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and/or the American Board of Audiology. In addition, each audiologist is registerd and certified by the Iowa Department of Health for audiology and hearing aid dispensing.  Our Oto-Tech Christin Pickart has been trained by the American Academy of Otolaryngology in the CPOP program.  She provides diagnostic hearing tests for the physicians to evaluate all types of hearing loss.