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Bell’s Palsy

Insight into Bell’s palsy, including: What is Bell’s palsy? How is it treated? What if I don’t fully recover? What is Bell’s palsy? Bell’s palsy is a fast change to one side of your face resulting in weakness or complete loss of movement. It happens because of damage to the facial nerve of unknown cause. […]

Day Care and Ear, Nose and Throat Problems

Who is in day care? The 2000 census reported that of among the nation’s 19.6 million preschoolers, grandparents took care of 21 percent, 17 percent were were cared for by their father (while their mother was employed or in school); 12 percent were in day care centers; nine percent were cared for by other relatives; […]

En Español: El Humo del Tabaco Ambiental y los Niños

El humo de segunda mano es una combinación del que brota de un cigarrillo ardiendo y el humo que exhala un fumador. También llamado Humo de Tabaco Ambiental (HTA), es fácilmente reconocido por su olor distintivo, el HTA contamina el aire y es retenido en la ropa, cortinas y muebles. Mucha gente encuentra que el […]

Secondhand Smoke and Children

Secondhand smoke is a combination of the smoke from a burning cigarette and the smoke exhaled by a smoker. Also known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), it can be recognized easily by its distinctive odor. ETS contaminates the air and is retained in clothing, hair, curtains and furniture. Many people find ETS unpleasant, annoying and […]

Choking Prevention: What Can I Do to Keep My Child from Choking?

Choking is a very common cause of unintentional injury or death in children under age one, and the danger remains significant until the age of five. Objects such as safety pins, small parts from toys, and coins cause choking, but food is responsible for most incidents. You must be particularly watchful when children around the […]

Reducing Choking Risks: Tips for Early Education and Child Care Settings

High risk foods and food characteristics: Hard candy Peanuts/nuts Seeds Whole grapes Raw carrots Apples Popcorn Hot dogs Chunks of peanut butter Marshmallows Chewing gum Sausages Foods that are round and could conform to a child’s airway Since 60% of non-fatal choking incidents result from food, let’s examine some ways to reduce the risk of […]

En Español: Screening de Audición en Niños

¿Por que la detección temprana de la hipoacusia es importante para su hijo? Aproximadamente dos a cuatro de cada 1000 niños en los Estados Unidos nacen sordos o hipoacúsicos, haciendo de la pérdida auditiva la alteración más común al nacimiento. Muchos estudios han mostrado que el diagnóstico temprano de la hipoacusia es crucial para el […]

Child Hearing Screening

Why is Early Childhood Hearing Screening Important for Your Child? Approximately two to four of every 1,000 children in the United States are born deaf or hard-of-hearing, making hearing loss the most common birth disorder. Many studies have shown that early diagnosis of hearing loss is crucial to the development of speech, language, cognitive and […]

The Necessity of Early Intervention in Hearing

Why Is Early Childhood Hearing Screening Important For Your Child? Every day in the United States, approximately 1 in 1,000 newborns (or 33 babies every day) is born profoundly deaf with another two to three out of 1,000 babies born with partial hearing loss, making hearing loss the number one birth defect in America. Many […]

Children’s Hearing Health

Three million children under the age of 18 have some hearing loss, including four out of every thousand newborns. So, every parent and caregiver should be watchful of the signs of hearing loss in his or her child and seek a professional diagnosis. Hearing loss can increase the risk of speech and language developmental delays. […]